How to Reach Your Goals by Keeping a Journal

Monday, September 16, 2019

I am a big fan of journaling. I have kept one for 2 years to help me process my thoughts and feelings. I also use it as a diary of my daily life.  I've learned that journaling can help you in other ways too.

It can help you be more productive, keep track of things, and more. You can keep different types of journals to help with different things.

Journaling can even help you reach your goals. Journaling can help you reach your goals because it will force you to think about them, consider the why and how, and delve deeper into the situation so that you can examine all sides of it. Think of it as your personal business coach.

According to Forbes, 43% of people who wrote down their goals achieved them. Journaling can help you figure out what's stopping you from reaching your goals.

It can help you bring your goals to life by writing them down. By writing them down they aren't just in your head anymore.

Read the rest of my blog post to find out how to reach your goals by keeping a journal.

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You're Committing to Your Goals

Journaling forces you to commit to your goals by writing them down. As I stated before your goals aren't just sitting in your head. They aren't vague ideas or thoughts anymore. 

You're making them clear. You're clearly stating what it is that you want. 

Writing them down is the first step towards making them happen. Meaning that you're more committed now to reaching them. 

You're ready to tackle your goals. Which in turn will help you to have more motivation.

It Helps You to Figure Out the Why, How and What

Keeping a journal helps you to ask yourself the tough questions. It's kind of like a workbook. You're forcing yourself to answer questions like:

  • Why do you want to reach this goal?
  • How're you going to achieve it?
  • How does this goal fit into your overall plan/strategy?
  • What's the purpose of this goal?
  • What steps do I need to take?
  • What daily activities don't help you reach your goals?
Answering these questions will help you achieve the clarity you need. When you don't have clarity you'll feel lost, and overwhelmed. You'll get stuck in analysis paralysis or get shiny object syndrome.

Meaning that you'll get overwhelmed with too much information and not take any actionable steps.  Or you'll go from one idea to the other without seeing any of them through to the end. 

Journaling helps you to remember your why, how, and what you need to do. That way you stay focused and don't get burned out. No more endless to-do list.

You Can Store All of Your Ideas

I also use my journal to store all of my ideas. Whenever I get a new idea for a blog post, Etsy product, Instagram post, etc. I write them all down in my journal. It helps me to keep track and not lose them. In my experience, everyday life can help you to easily forget a good idea.

Journaling helps you to keep them all in one place. No more forgetting a good idea. No more sticky note here or there. If you get a new idea for a product, service, course, ebook, blog post, etc. you can keep them all in your journal. 

Seeing them all in one place will help you to develop them too. 

You Can Create an Action Plan

Once you've written them down you can develop steps for success based on your goals. You can write down everything you need to do to make it happen. Thereby creating an actionable plan that you can implement.

You can even create a daily, weekly, or monthly plan that helps you reach your goals. Then put them in your calendar. This also helps with clarity because you're avoiding any unnecessary tasks. Thereby avoiding burn out. You aren't trying to do anything and everything.

You're just sticking to the action plan you created.

It's a Place for Reflection

One of the main benefits of keeping a journal is that it helps you reflect. You can write about any lessons you've learned that day. If you didn't make any progress towards your goal you can write about it. You can sit down and figure out why you didn't. 

You can even take note of distractions that get in your way. Or write about changes you need to make in your daily routine. Changes that can help you be more productive. You can keep track of the progress you have made. 

You Can Inspire Others

You can even take the information inside and compile it into an ebook for others to read to inspire them. Or create a series of blog posts, IG posts, or podcasts based on your journal writings. You can show others how you reached your goals.

You can create a course based on the steps you took that helped you reach your goals. Or create a pdf guide that helps others implement their goals. For example, "Here are the steps I took to do______". 

My Goals Printable Journal

Reach Your Goals, Printable Journal

Reaching your goals isn't a walk in the park. That's why I put together the My Goals Printable Journal. It includes a series of goal-oriented journal prompts to help you get the clarity and focus you need. You'll be able to document your progress every step of the way. 

This journal includes:

-30 Goal Oriented Journal Prompts
-Motivational Quotes mixed into the journal to keep you motivated
-Plus blank pages to add your own journal prompts!
-A total of 50 Pages!

This journal comes in a printable PDF format. It's for personal use only. Commercial use is prohibited.

Click here to grab your copy!

Books I recommend

If you would like to learn more about reaching your goals here are some books I recommend:

1)  Girl, Stop Apologizing: A Shame-Free Plan for Embracing and Achieving Your Goals (Girl, Wash Your Face Book 2) 

I recommend this book because not only is it a New York Times best-selling book but it will inspire you to take action. Plus it's ranked second in the women and business category in the Amazon Kindle store. Click here to grab your copy!

2) Smart Journaling: How to Form Life-Changing Journal Writing Habits that Actually Work for Reaching Any Goal and Getting Your Life on Track

This book goes into more detail about how the right journal writing habits can help you reach any goal. You'll learn how to make dot-journaling, bullet-journaling, and other tools work for you. The book has prompts, exercises, and examples to help you learn how to start smart journaling.  Click here to grab your copy!

3) Beyond Bullets: Creative Journaling Ideas to Customize Your Personal Productivity System

Would you like to learn how to create your own productivity system? This book will show you how! You'll get ideas on how to create your own journal layouts, and how to create a journaling routine. You'll get suggestions regarding which paper, pens, and stickers to use. It's basically a guide on how to create your own bullet journal. Click here to grab your copy!

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Journaling is an excellent way to work toward reaching your goals. It will even help you make better goals because the process of writing them in your journal will cause you to see them in a more logical way that is more useful. 

You won't have to worry about anyone judging you because it's for your eyes only. It's a safe space to keep track of them all. 

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Until next time take care!

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