10 Best Planners for Working Moms to Be Insanely Productive

Wednesday, October 28, 2020


best planners for working moms

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Are you looking for the best planners for working moms so you can balance work and home life?  Then you've come to the right place. Working moms have different needs than other moms. It's hard to keep track of your work schedule, your kids' schedule, plus your husband's if you're married. 

Then on top of that, you have to plan your meals and try to have a personal life. That's why planners are so important. For so long I would just use my Google calendar. When I started using planners to write out my to-do list, it changed everything.

I no longer felt confused or overwhelmed. It felt good to get everything out of my head and onto paper. I found that I was more productive this way.  

Why Working Moms Need a Planner

As a working mom, you need something to help you keep track of everything on your plate. Keeping it all in your head doesn't work. You sometimes forget things or constantly feel busy. A planner helps you to get those important tasks out of your head. You'll finally have a place to store everything. 

The right planner will help you:

  • Keep track of your work projects
  • Kids' school schedules
  • Daily tasks
  • Weekly tasks
  • Your family's individual schedules
and more.

How to Pick the Right Planner for You

What is your budget?

Planners vary in price. You can get one for as little as $5 or as much as $80. It all depends on the brand, what's included, and your budget. But don't think that expensive is better. Do your research first to see if it has what you need. 

How much detail do you need?

Do you need space for doodling? Do you prefer a weekly spread, monthly, or daily? Do you want dated or undated? Do you want the layout done for or would you rather create it yourself using stickers? These are the questions you need to ask yourself before buying.

What features do you need?

Do you need space for meal planning? Do you need a section just for notes? Some planners have pages that already have these spaces included. Others do not. Like with the Happy planner you have to create your own layout. 

What kind of layout, spread, or view do you like?

Do you prefer a daily planner, weekly or monthly? Some planners have all of them combined into one. With planners like Erin Condren or Happy Planner, it's different. You choose according to your preferred layout.

If you're buying the Erin Condren Life Planner there are three choices. You can choose either the horizontal, vertical layout or hourly layout. 

How much time do you have?

How much time are you willing to invest in your planner. Do you need something simple? Do you prefer something basic that gets the job done? Or do you want to use it as a creative outlet? Can you create your own layouts? Or do you need layouts already done for you

What size do you need?

Planners come in a variety of sizes. There is no one right size. It depends on your preference. The smaller planners are easier to carry around. You can easily fit one in your purse. Whereas the US letter size ones are bulky. 

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The Best Planners for Working Moms

Below are just some of the many options available to you. I selected the ones that I think are the best for you. I've included the pros and cons of each one. Just because you pick one now doesn't mean you have to stick to it.

If it doesn't work for you keep trying until you find one that does. Even if it works for your schedule now it might not later. Don't feel that you can never switch planners.  


The Erin Condren Life Planner comes in three different layouts:

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Hourly

That's why it makes a great option for working moms. You have plenty of options when it comes to planning your schedule. If you try one and don't like it you can try a different layout. The Erin Condren Life Planner has many colorful covers. 


  • Customizable
  • Comes with tons of stickers
  • Comes with a goal-setting spread 


  • A bit pricier especially when you want to personalize it
  • not a lot of space to write if you tend to take a lot of notes

2) Bloom daily planners 2021 Calendar Year Day Planner

If you're looking for a planner that's slightly different than the Erin Condren then this is for you. It comes with:

  • Goal tracker
  • Habit tracker
  • Password tracker
  • To do list page
  • Monthly bill payment tracker
  • and more!

That's how this planner is different. It's like you get the benefits of a printable planner and physical planner in one. Plus it comes with monthly calendar layouts and weekly layouts. But the weekly layout is not a vertical one. It's horizontal with lines, not boxes.


  • Comes with stickers
  • extra planner life coaching pages
  • Monthly tabs
  • portable


  • More of a weekly planner not daily planner
  • Harder to add new pages

3) Clever Fox Budget Planner & Monthly Bill Organizer 

I really like the Clever fox brand. I feel that out of all the planner companies they have more variety. They have tons of different ones like a budget planner, undated planners, weekly &monthly planners, and more. 

I like this one in particular because it's specifically for bill organizing. It comes with pockets, savings tracker, debt tracker, Christmas budget sheet, and more sheets to help you with your finances. 


  • undated
  • comes with stickers
  • comes with a money back guarantee


  • Not as compact as the other Clever Fox planners
  • Covers are fairly basic and feature the company's logo

4) 2021 Planner - Weekly & Monthly Planner 2021

This planner is ranked number 4 in the planner section on Amazon. Plus it's Amazon's choice for a planner to do list. This planner is a dated weekly and monthly one. Which means it comes with monthly layouts and weekly layouts. Instead of just blank boxes in the calendars, there are ruled writing boxes.

If you take a lot of notes then you'll like the ruled writing boxes. If you don't you can cover them up with stickers. 


  • Section for notes on each monthly calendar
  • The weekly layout has tons of ruled lines for writing plus checkboxes


  • Doesn't come with stickers
  • Kind of basic

5) Day Designer 2021 Daily Life Planner and Agenda

Unlike the previous planners, I mentioned this one has a daily view. In other words, it's a daily planner. But it also has a monthly view. I like this one a lot for many reasons. The first reason is the daily pages. Each page has a to-do list, daily gratitude box, and top 3 boxes. The Day Designer is one of the best planners for working moms.


  • Comes with stickers
  • Folder 
  • extra note space
  • space for dinner
  • space to track monthly expenses


  • Heavy
  • No room for doodling
  • No room to keep everything in one place

6) 2021 Planner – Weekly Monthly Planner 2021 for January 2021

I really like this planner because it has a well-designed cover and the price. It's one of the most affordable planners out there. It has a monthly calendar view and weekly pages. The weekly pages don't come with vertical boxes. They come with horizontal lines on each day instead. 


  • Colorful tabs
  • a section on each calendar for notes
  • you can use stickers with it


  • Doesn't come with any stickers have to buy them separately 

7) The Happy Planner Box Kit - Best Year Ever Theme - 12 Month Undated - Vertical Layout

What I love about the Happy Planner is the ability to customize. With most planners, you can't add pages to it. With the Happy Planner, you can. You can even change the cover. It doesn't use the spiral type of binder. It uses a disc-bound system. This means you can move pages around. 


  • You can add all kinds of planner inserts
  • Comes with stickers
  • Vertical weekly layout
  • Comes with 12 motivational dividers
  • Comes in different sizes


  • No hourly view
  • Pages don't turn easily
  • Buying all the accessories to go along with it can add up

8) GoGirl Planner and Organizer for Women - A5 Size Weekly Planner

Just like the Clever Fox brand, Go Girl has a whole line of planners. This one is the A5 size weekly planner and organizer. What I like about it is that it comes with stickers, dot grid pages if you like bullet journaling, and monthly calendar spreads. 


  • Weekly plan pages
  • Comes with daily routine pages
  • inner pocket 
  • undated
  • Comes with a pen holder


  • Can't add more pages 

9) Panda Planner Pro - Best Daily Planner for Happiness & Productivity 

If you're looking for a daily planner that'll help with productivity this is it. I love Panda Planner Pro's daily planner spread. There's a morning review section, today's priorities section, schedule box, end of the day review box, and more!


  • Daily planner
  • Comes with weekly spreads
  • Comes with monthly spreads


  • Bigger than most planners
  • Kind of basic and plain
  • No stickers
  • Not much room for creativity

10) Simplified by Emily Ley 2021 Weekly & Monthly

What I like about the Simplified planner is the cover, colorful tabs, it's binder system, and it's portability. It's pretty much an A5 agenda type planner. With this planner, you can add as many pages as you want. The binder system makes it so easy. 


  • Portable
  • Uses a binder system
  • Can add planner inserts
  • Plenty of space for writing
  • Comes in a daily version


  • Doesn't come with stickers

Accessories for your planner


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Choosing a planner is a personal decision. It can be hard at first. Finding the best planners for working moms is even harder. Working moms have a different set of needs. 

You want one that helps you to get more done. But you also want something that's easy to use. Hopefully, this post helps you to find one that fits your needs.

If you would like to learn how to create your own planner then I recommend this free planner course. The course teaches you how to select the right size planner for you and plus more. If you're new to planning then this course is for you. 

Thank you so much for checking out my blog post. If you like it please pin it to Pinterest? What's your favorite type of planner? Let me know in the comments below!

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