Is Visme the Right Design Tool for Your Business?

Monday, May 27, 2019

Is Visme the Right Design Tool for Your Business?

I wrote a blog post a month or two ago called 10 Amazing Free Instagram Tools You Should Be Using. In it, I listed a variety of tools that can help you with your Instagram account. I listed some scheduling tools and graphic design tools.

After writing that post I was approached by the company Visme to write a review of their online design tool. I was happy to do so.

I love writing about tools that can help my readers. I also love creating graphics for my blog. It was definitely a win-win situation. I loved playing around with Visme to see what graphics I could create.

I had fun using Visme to create graphics. Read my Visme Review below so you can determine for yourself if Visme is the right design tool for your business!

*In the name of full transparency, I was given access to their premium account in exchange for doing this review. The premium account gives you access to all the features Visme has to offer. All thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own!

Visme Review

What is Visme?

Visme is an easy-to-use online design tool for non-designers. You can create amazing infographics, presentations, printables, social media graphics, and more! Once you are done you can download, embed, publish online, or make your creation private.

You may be asking what makes Visme different from Canva, PowerPoint, Piktochart or Google Slides? Visme is the only tool that allows you to add interactive features to static content. You can add:

  • add video or audio
  • embed polls, maps, and forms from third parties
  • animate any object and assign tasks
  • track traffic and engagement from your content
There are many more features that Visme offers that its competitors don't. You can export/publish infographics and other content as HTML5. Visme even gives you the ability to create animated infographics. 

Visme vs. Canva

Is Visme the Right Design Tool for Your Business?Vimse has a big selection of infographics. I was surprised to see just how many infographics Visme has to offer.

Canva definitely doesn't offer nowhere near as many features for infographics. It's a lot easier to edit infographics on Visme.

I was able to easily create my own infographic in a matter of minutes. I never created one before.

Canva doesn't have the same interactive editing tools for infographics. I was able to click on a chart in an infographic and easily edit it.

It was easy to add statistics, pie charts, etc. Charts and graphs always confuse me. Yet Visme made it so easy.

Visme has a good selection of social media templates just like Canva. Visme even has Facebook ad templates and Twitter ad templates.

Plus they offer proposals, ebook, and report templates. If you have a Canva for work account you will love Visme.

Visme vs. PowerPoint

Visme Review

There are a few differences between PowerPoint and Visme. The first difference is collaboration. With Visme you can collaborate within Visme. In PowerPoint, you would have to download the template first. Then upload it to OneDrive. 

You can allow team members to edit your presentation or just send a viewing only link. Another cool feature is being able to share folders. You can't share folders in PowerPoint.

Visme gives you the ability to track user activity. For example, you can see when the last time someone edited a project.

Animation, clickable call-to-action, and over 6000 high-quality icons are available in Visme. It's easy to search for icons within the site too. Visme makes it easy to create mini-data visualizations using the infographic widgets. 

In Visme you can track the analytics for your projects too. Plus Visme offers lead generation too. You can use Visme to create all kinds of graphics not just presentations.

It's easy to do create graphics. Whereas with PowerPoint it's just for presentations.

Who is Visme for?

Visme Review

Just like Canva Visme is for bloggers, business owners, students, educators, and pretty much anyone. If you need a tool to help you create graphics easily Visme is for you.

If you are looking for a Canva alternative Visme is for you.

You can use one of Visme's pre-made templates or start one from scratch. If you are a small business owner and can't afford a graphic designer Visme is for you.

 If you want to create reports, infographics, and presentations for work Visme is for you.

Visme is free for all users. You can keep the free account forever. There are some features that require you to have a paid account.

 For example, if you want to download a project for offline use you have to upgrade. Below is a picture of their pricing plans. 

Visme Price Plans

Visme's Features

Just as I said before you can create all kinds of content with Visme. There are over 900 slides, hundreds of infographic templates, Instagram templates, Pinterest Templates, blog graphics, and more.

There are 120 fonts to choose from. You can either drag and drop them or choose the drop-down menu. You can add a granular style to your fonts, add padding, and more.

Visme Review

You can set your own branding requirements too. I also love that Visme allows you to upload your own fonts. Which means you can go to Google Fonts, then upload them to Visme. I even created my blog title graphic for this post with Visme. 

If that's not impressive enough you can animate objects too. Below is a quick video showing you how to anime objects in Visme.

If you manage a team Visme has team plans too. Team plans allow multiple to share and access projects.

You can create so much more than just infographics and presentations with Visme. It's also used for:


My only complaint with Visme is that they don't offer as many free templates as Canva. If you don't have a premium account you can't use a lot of their templates. But if you're looking for a Canva alternative and don't mind paying a fee then you should checkout Visme.

If you liked my blog post please pin it to Pinterest! Until next time take care!

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