How to Find the Right Instagram Hashtags with Flick.Tech

Thursday, May 9, 2019

In order to get your content seen on Instagram using hashtags is a must. But not just any hashtags. You have to use the right hashtags.

But doing hashtag research on Instagram can be time-consuming. You don't want to use the same hashtags over and over. If you do you risk the chance of you getting shadowbanned.

What is the solution? Flick.Tech! I am going to show you how to find the right Instagram Hashtags using makes it easy to find the right hashtags for Instagram. 

You will find the right hashtags for your content in a matter of minutes. Plus you can export the hashtags you find directly to Instagram!

Here is how you can find the right Instagram hashtags using Flick.Tech:

*I was so excited when I was approached by to write a blog post and receive a free product!

How to do a basic Instagram Hashtag search

To do a basic Instagram hashtag search first click on the word hashtag on the left. Once the menu pops-up type in the word, phrase, hashtag, or topic you want to use. In my example, I typed in social media.

Find the right Instagram hashtags with

When you start typing in your word or hashtag will give you suggestions based on what you are typing. Based on their suggestions I decided to use social media blogger instead. Once you click on search 10 related hashtags will appear.

Find the right Instagram hashtags with

In the limit field, you can enter how many hashtags you want to appear. If you want 30 to appear just type in 30. If you want 50 type in 50. That's how you do a simple search on Next, I am going to show you how to use the expand hashtag feature.

Expand your Instagram hashtag search

Find the right Instagram hashtags using

If you right-click on any hashtag three options will appear. The first one is to remove the hashtag, second expand, next to export. Click on expand hashtag. Once you do more hashtags will appear. The yellow hashtags are the ones that appeared after you clicked to expand.

You can keep doing this over and over. The best part about is they tell you the stats of each one. You can see the average like count of Instagram posts that used that particular hashtag. You can even see the average number of comments those posts received.

In my example when I clicked on business marketing it showed me that the average likes were 562, comments 20, and 181,000 posts used this hashtag. You definitely want to use hashtags that have 500,000 or less. Anything more than that will be really hard to rank for.

The fewer posts a hashtag has the better your chances are of ranking in the top posts section on Instagram for that hashtag. That's why unless you have millions of followers don't use hashtags with millions of posts. 


With the starter plan, you get 60 monthly searches for $13.12/month. But if you want to use advance hashtag filtering you will have to upgrade to the performance plan. If you don't want to pay per month you can buy search tokens instead. For $6.60 you get 25 tokens. Which means you can perform 25 searches. 

One of my Instagram posts

In the post above I used to help me find new hashtags. I do my best to put 30 hashtags in each post. But since you can't use the same hashtags for all your posts it can be hard to find new ones. has been a huge help in finding new hashtags. In the post above I got around 100 likes. 

If you would like to sign-up or get more information go to

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