The Best Ways to Get Graphic Design Resources (for FREE!)

Get Graphic Design Resources for free

If you're a blogger, entrepreneur, or creative you know how important graphic design is. You need graphics for your social media accounts, website, blog, or products. The right graphics can make all the difference.

The right graphics can sell your products, increase your followers, and increase traffic to your website/blog. You don't have to be a graphic designer to get high-quality graphics. Nor do you have to spend hundreds of dollars to get them.

I am going to show you exactly what tools to use, where to get royalty-free images, and where to get other graphic design resources for free. That way you can create your own. No need to hire a graphic designer.

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*Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links. This means I may earn a commission
should you chose to sign up for a program or make a purchase using my link. It’s
okay – I love all of these companies anyways, and you will too!

1)Free Stock Photos

Get graphic design resources for free

You don't have to create background images yourself or graphics. There are tons of them that you can use online for free legally! You can find them without using Google Images. Shocking right?!

I do not recommend using Google Images either. Most of the time those images are copyrighted. Which means you can get in trouble for using them. 

The sites I recommend to find your background images and graphics are:

You don't have to pay a cent for any pictures. You are free to legally use those pictures however you want. Pixabay, Unsplash, Pexels, and PikWizard are sites where you can find free stock pictures.

PikWizard is a free image bank with over 100,000 high-quality photos, completely free to use with no need for attribution. The site has over 20,000 images completely exclusive to them and also, unlike many stock photo sites, has thousands of stock videos - again, completely free to use, even for commercial purposes.

No attribution means you don't have to credit them in order to use their photos. You can if you want too. I use stock images from these sites in my blog post graphics, and on Instagram.

Stock Photo Membership Sites

I don't recommend using stock images from sites like Unsplash in your pins. Many people are using the exact same images you are in their pins too. Pinterest will get confused and misinterpret your pin.

For example, one image can be used in a recipe pin and then be used in a back to school pin. That means your pins won't get ranked properly. Therefore won't be seen in the right search results on Pinterest.

That's why for pins it's better to use images from stock photo membership sites. Not many people have access to these images. Therefore they are more unique. That's what I do for my pins. Many of them offer free images in exchange for your email address. Here are the ones I use and recommend:

2) Free Graphics, Fonts, and more

There are at least 4 websites that are always giving away graphics, fonts, and other stuff for free! You don't have to worry about copyright infringement or royalties.

The sites that are constantly giving away free graphic design resources are:

On top of that these sites are always having really good sales. I bought a bundle of 30 social media templates from Design Bundles for only a $1. If you sign up for their email lists they will notify you of any sales, or weekly freebies. 

I used the graphics from these sites to launch my Printable Art Shop on Etsy. I didn't have to pay hundreds of dollars for my graphics, or fonts. Most of the graphics I got were free. 

One week Creative Market gave away a set of wedding invites for free! You just never know what goodies you can get for free. TheHungryJPEG has pages full of free graphic design resources that include a commercial license. Plus they have $1 deals too!

But if you plan using any graphic design resources commercially be sure to find out if it comes with one. Then read to see how you are allowed to use them. For example, you may be able to use some just for personal use.

Get Graphic Design Resources for free

3) Free Editing Tools

Gone are the days where you needed to pay for Photoshop or Indesign. There are many free design tools out there. They're just as good in my opinion for editing graphics, and photos. Here are the free design tools I recommend: 

BeFunky Photo Editor

Get graphic design resources for freeThe only online photo editor I recommend is I know there are others like PicMonkey or Pixlr. I don't recommend those ones. Pixlr is too confusing and complicated to use. PicMonkey has very limited free features.

Even to resize your images on PicMonkey you need a premium account. The only reason any blogger recommends PicMonkey is that they are an affiliate. This means anytime you sign up for PicMonkey through their link they earn a commission.

I am not an affiliate of BeFunky either. I recommend it because I use it myself. It has tons of free features. It's so easy to use too.

It has a collage maker, designer, and photo editor. To use the features of the designer you do need a premium account.

But a lot of the features under the photo editor are free! You don't need a premium account to upload your own pictures, resize, or add text. Overlay, blur, blemish fix, and smoothing are free! You can use it on your desktop too.

You don't need an account to save your work. I love that you can save to Google Drive from BeFunky.


Yes, you can use Powerpoint as a graphic design tool. There are many ways to use powerpoint. With powerpoint, you can even save your images/graphics into any format you want.

Suzi from put together a really great tutorial on how to use Powerpoint to create Printables! Click here to watch her tutorial!

All you have to do is open powerpoint, click blank presentation, then click insert for your graphics. Powerpoint will even give you design suggestions.

Out of all the design tools out there I find powerpoint to be the easiest to use. When I first started blogging I used PowerPoint to create my blog graphics.


Get graphic design resources for free

Canva is an insanely popular graphics tool. So many businesses, entrepreneurs, social media marketers, and content marketers use Canva. You can create graphics for social media, emails, blog posts, posters, etc.

 Anything you need graphics for Canva has it. The best part of all Canva is free to use! You don't have to pay a monthly fee. There are some templates that do require a monetary fee to use them. But most graphics on Canva are free.

 If you are looking to become a social media marketer then knowing Canva is a must. Most jobs in the field nowadays require potential employees to know it. Even most freelancing gigs require the use of Canva.

I use Canva to create my printables, blog graphics, and social media graphics. If you don't know how to use Canva Kayla from Ivory Mix has a free Canva Graphic Design Course! Click Here to Sign-Up!

Click here to try Canva!


Visme is another graphic design tool that's easy to use. It's similar to Canva but with more options when it comes to creating presentations and infographics. You can use it to create social media graphics, ebook covers, pins for Pinterest, and more!

I was able to create an infographic easily with Visme. It was easy to add charts and graphics. I also created a monthly to-do list printable with Visme. You can create your own dimensions too. 

You can even create a team account. Plus create animated graphics too. You can get started on Visme for free! But Visme's free account is limited to only 4-5 projects. If you want to learn more about Visme click the link to read my blog post!


Get graphic design resources for free

I think Easil has the best free Instagram templates. I like their Instagram templates more than Canva's. I think Easil's are more elegant. They are more unique than Canva's. All I had to do was change them to my brand colors. I didn't have to do much else.

But Easil also has Pinterest templates, Facebook, Twitter templates, and more. I love that they have tons of beautiful, elegant Instagram story templates. You can upload your own fonts to Easil.

I love that! You can only do that on Canva if you pay for a work account. You can create your own custom dimensions, create ebook covers, infographics, and more.

You can get started on Easil for free too. But there are a few cons with Easil. For starters, they don't have an app. You can only access it on a desktop.

Canva has more free templates than Easil. They do give you a trial run of their paid subscription.


Creating your own graphics doesn't have to be expensive. There's no need to buy expensive software
or hire a graphic designer. Nor do you have to pay a lot for graphic design resources.

I hope my post has helped you. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Until next time take care!

Get graphic design resources for free!

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